how to install aluminum shelters
How to Install Aluminum Shelters

Mardan Fabrication aluminum shelters have many different applications. Whether it is a smoking shelter, bus-shelter, waiting station or pay-station shelter, these units are very easy to install. Mardan manufactures the shelters and preassembles them for shipment. They are mounted on a wooden skid for easy removal from the truck. This also provides extra structural integrity during shipment. Once the shelter arrives at the job site, all you’ll need is a forklift to offload it from the truck. Once it’s offloaded from the truck, forklift the shelter to the final installation location and place it on the concrete pad. Making sure that everything on the site is correct, go ahead and lift up the shelter and remove the mounting skid so you can lower the shelter directly on the concrete slab. The shelter will need to be level so shimming may be necessary. Once its level, go ahead and anchor the shelter into the slab. The size of the concrete slab and anchor size should be determined by a local engineer who is familiar with the local code requirements.