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Here at Aluminum Shelters dot net, Mardan Fabrication offers blog articles about aluminum shelters, particularly prefabricated aluminum shelters, also known as prefab aluminum shelters. Our goal is to help you find the best aluminum shelter or guard booth for the project at hand. Generally speaking, prefab shelters (prefabricated and/or factory assembled shelters) are small aluminum buildings that can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use; prefab aluminum shelters are portable. There are lots of kinds of aluminum shelters and many styles and materials to consider when you make a purchase decision.

Aluminum shelter applications include transit shelters, bus shelters, smoking shelters, operator shelters, pay station shelters, guard shelters, guard booths, parking booths and more. Compared to steel shelters, aluminum shelters are definately lighter weight, which is advantageous to move around. An aluminum shelter, security booth or parking booth can be easily moved by forklift.

aluminum shelters

Here are the latest blog articles about aluminum shelters:

Smoking Shelter Design

Smoking Shelter

Smoking Shelter 13-013 6012

Smoke Shelters can be manufactured basic or custom designed based on your building they are being installed around. They can be manufactured prefinished white or be painted. The smoke shelter can have a standard flat roof or hip roof. We can use tempered safety glass or impact resistant glass. Ultimately the customer has the ability to choose exactly what they want. This particular smoking shelter is a 6′ x 12′ shelter that is manufactured with green tinted glass. They decided to add the FAU logo once the smoking shelter arrived onsite.

A smoking shelter can be used a transit shelter for a bus stop. This particular smoking shelter has been used as a smoking shelter for a bus strop around the campus. Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida has multiple bus stop locations for the students to wait for transportation around campus. The university purchased multiple smoking shelters and transit shelters.

A smoking shelter or transit shelter is one of Mardan Fabrication aluminum shelter applications. Mardan Fabrication design and build aluminum shelters, guard booths, security booths, parking booths, ticket booths and more.

Scale House

Scale House

Scale House V16-043

Scales are very crucial for scrap metal companies. Scale houses give them the ability to check in customers who are dropping off scrap metal. This particular Scale House is 6′ x 7′. This is a custom sized guard scale house that was purchased back in 2016 in order to help expedite customer service. The scale house is portable and includes two sliding windows, wall-hvac, and rear swing door.

This portable scale house is one of Mardan Fabrication guard booth, security booth and aluminum shelter applications. Mardan guard booths are factory-assembled and prefabricated with aluminum construction. For more information about Mardan guard scale houses or other aluminum shelter applications, please contact us at

Prefab Guard Shelter Applications

Guard Shelter v14-032

Guard Shelter v14-032

Guard Shelters come with many applications with different options available. The guard shelters can be used for parking garages, parking lots, sporting events, schools, etc. You can have one entry door or two entry doors. You can have all fixed windows or sliding windows. The aluminum guard shelters are prefinished white in color, but you can customize them to match a certain building aesthetic. This particular guard shelter is 4′ x 8′ and located at the entrance to a company parking garage. This shelter has Low E insulated glass, sliding window, sliding door, wall-mounted HVAC, and pre-wired electrical package.

A guard shelter is one of Mardan guard booth / security booth applications. Mardan Fabrication builds prefabricated portable guard booths, security booths and prefabricated shelters. Mardan guard shelters are of aluminum construction. Using aluminum construction is quite beneficial in coastal regions as the pre-finished white aluminum does not rust or deteriorate with constant exposure to the ocean air and high salty conditions. In addition, the aluminum structure retains its structure even at low temperatures, which means that it suits colder climates, as well. Moreover, due to the lighter weight of the aluminum material, Mardan guard booths are easily moved by forklift.

Prefab Shelter Options and Features

Prefab shelters can be customized with Mardan Fabrication. They include standard tempered safety glass, prefinished white aluminum construction and insulated roof. The shelter is able to be modified to meet customer specifications. You have the ability to change the glass to a thicker glass or even polycarbonate. You are able to paint the shelter with one of our standard colors from our color chart or can match almost exactly a color sample. The roof for the prefab shelter can be changed to be of one our standing seam metal roof or even glass roof depending on the location. The sizes for the shelter can vary from as small as 3′ x 3′ all the way up to 8′ x 16′.

Prefab Shelter\

Prefab Shelter 13-013-6012

A prefabricated shelter is one of Mardan Fabrication guard booth applications. For more information about our prefab shelters, go to our contact us page.

Prefab Shelter Applications


Prefab Shelter

Prefab Shelter

Prefabricated shelters that Mardan Fabrication manufactures can be used for multiple applications. Our most popular prefab shelter application is for transit shelters or bus shelters. This allows for protection from the weather while people are waiting for mass-transit. In cities such as New York City or Boston, it’s very popular to make mass-transit so having our prefab shelters installed in the bus stop location is very important. Another application would be a smoking shelter. About 95% of all buildings do not allowing smoking inside of them. Most companies have devised a way for their employees or patrons to have a place to go smoke without disturbing or disrupting the normal flow of consumer traffic and keep the smoking in a single area versus different places. Finally, we manufacture shelters for pay-stations. These pay-stations are installed in parking lots where consumers are able to walk-up and pay for parking their cars. The shelter provides cover from rain, wind, or snow so consumers can comfortably pay for parking. Mardan Fabrication manufactures these shelters out of heavy-duty aluminum construction so they do not rust or deteriorate.

Another type of prefab shelter includes operator shelters, control booths, control pulpits, scale houses and more. These prefabricated shelters are used in industrial settings.

Additionally, a prefab shelter is also called “guard shelter”, “security shelter” or “parking shelter”. This type of prefab shelter is one of guard booth or security booth applications. Mardan Fabrication is a premiere guard booth / security booth manufacturer, building prefabricated guard booths and security booths, also known as prefab guard booths or prefab security booths.

For more information about Mardan Fabrication prefab shelters, visit or call 1-800-882-5820.

Security Turnstile Canopy

Prefab Shelter Canopy

Prefab Shelter Canopy

Mardan Fabrication manufactures all different types of canopies and shelters. Whether it is for transit shelters, bus shelters, or in this case security turnstiles, we can accommodate your requirement. When entering a property such as a bank or a stadium for example, they have turnstiles in which you have to enter through. A lot of the times they are located outside, so if you have these turnstiles, you’ll need to cover them from the weather. We can manufacture the security turnstile canopy as large and as small as you need. The security turnstile canopy is one of Mardan guard booth, security booth / security shelter applications. All Mardan security turnstile canopies are factory-assembled and prefabricated aluminum shelters. We can also customize them with color and glass options that are located on our prefab shelter design option page.

Smoking Shelter Options

Smoke Shelter Style C

Smoke Shelter Style C

Smoke Shelters are manufactured for the convenience of the employee or consumer to have a place to go and smoke while being covered from the elements. Our standard smoke shelter includes heavy-duty aluminum construction which is pre-finished white color, tempered safety glass and roof. The smoke shelter can be painted in choice of one color, multiple different types of glass options such as impact glass, lighting for night time use, and heating if used in a cold weather climate. Our shelters are able to be as small as 3′ x 3′ for one person and as large as 8′ x 16′ for multiple people.

A Mardan smoke shelter is one of our guard booth and aluminum shelter applications.

How to Choose the Best Transit Shelter Design

Transit Shelter Design

Transit Shelter Design Style C

When purchasing a transit shelter, you have to look at your job site and determine the best design to best fit your area. Mardan Fabrication has three different layouts possible for a transit shelter. You can choose a completely open front or two layouts with different glass arrangements. The shelters are manufactured prefinished white aluminum construction but you are able to customize the color if you choose. Since our transit shelters are completely custom made to order, you are able to choose from a list of options such as different glass types, different types of roof profiles, and whether or not you would like electric installed. Transit shelters can be as small as 3′ x 3′ and large as 8′ x 16′.

Transit Shelter Purchase Consideration

When considering to purchase a transit shelter for your location, you have to consider the amount of space you have. Mardan Fabrication is able to manufacture transit shelters as small as 3′ x 3′ and as large as 8′ x 16′. Our transit shelters are manufactured standard with our white heavy-duty aluminum construction, tempered safety glass and our 3″ think roof panel. Those shelters are one of our prefabricated aluminum guard booth or security booth applications. We have multiple configurations which are available on our website to choose from that will be suit what you are looking for. Next thing you’d want to consider is whether you plan on customizing the transit shelter by using different glass, painting the white aluminum shelter to another color and whether or not you plan on having our standard flat roof or custom standing seam hip roof.

Transit Shelter Style A

Transit Shelter Style A

Elevated Control Booth

Liquid natural gas facilities across the country all have trucks coming in and out 24 hours a day to receive fuel for delivery. There is a constant need for someone to be controlling the traffic of trucks in and out of the facilities. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a prefabricated control booth that allows for an individual controller to make sure the flow of traffic is going well and that all the shipments are happening. This particular control booth is elevated high up in the air.  They used a crane and strapped underneath the booth to lift it up and place it on the elevated platform.  This elevated control booth was custom manufactured with special glass in order to have a non-obstructed view for the controller to look down upon the drive lane. This control booth is one of Mardan Fabrication’s guard booth applications. To learn more about Mardan guard booth applications, go to our official guard booth website.