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Here at, Mardan Fabrication offers blog articles about guard shelters, security shelters and parking shelters, also known as guard booths, security booths and parking booths. Mardan guard shelters are all prefabricated aluminum shelters, also known as prefab aluminum shelters. Our goal is to help you find the best guard shelter for the project at hand. Generally speaking, prefab guard shelters (prefabricated and/or factory assembled shelters) are small aluminum buildings that can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use; prefab aluminum shelters are portable. There are lots of kinds of aluminum shelters and many styles and materials to consider when you make a purchase decision.

Guard shelter applications include guard booths, guard houses, guard buildings, security buildings, ticket booths, valet booths, information booths, attendant booths, security shelters, operator shelters, control booths, and more. Compared to steel shelters, aluminum shelters are definitely lighter weight, which is advantageous to move around. An aluminum guard shelter can be easily moved by forklift.

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Guard Shelters, Security Shelters & Parking Shelters

Mardan Fabrication, Inc. is a manufacturer of guard shelters also known as, guard booths, guard shacks, guard houses, security shelters, security booths, parking shelters and parking booths Mardan guard booths are all prefabricated guard shelters, known as prefab guard shelters or prefab guard booths. These are prefinished white aluminum construction. Mardan guard booth applications include ticket booths, valet booths, attendant booths, control booths, operator shelters and more.