A prefabricated shelter, also known as prefab shelter is called "guard shelter", "security shelter" or "parking shelter". This type of prefab shelter is one of guard booth or security booth applications. Mardan Fabrication is a premiere guard booth / security booth manufacturer, building prefabricated guard booths and security booths, also known as prefab guard booths or prefab security booths.

Guard Shelter 18-030
Prefab Guard Shelter 18-030

Another type of prefab shelter includes operator shelters, control booths, control pulpits, scale houses and more. These prefabricated shelters are used in industrial settings.

Portable Guard Shelter 18-030

Mardan Fabrication manufactures these prefab shelters out of heavy-duty aluminum construction so they do not rust or deteriorate.  Mardan prefab shelters are also portable, and easy to move with a forklift.

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