Guard Shelters

Guard Shelter

Prefab Guard Shelter Applications

Guard Shelters come with many applications with different options available. The guard shelters can be used for parking garages, parking lots, sporting events, schools, etc. You can have one entry door or two entry doors. You can have all fixed windows or sliding windows. The aluminum guard shelters are prefinished […]

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Guard Shelter 17-038

Guard Shelter Applications

Guard shelters, also known as guard booths provide the best possible security for any sort of application. Whether it’s a parking lot, warehouse, or school, our prefabricated guard shelters are the answer. We can provide a shelter as small as 3′ x 3′ and can go as large as 12′ […]

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Guard Shelters for College Dorms

Many companies’ employee guard services for their parking lots or building facilities. Security has been much more of a priority over the past few years due to the unforeseen problems we’ve seen in society. Mardan Fabrication guard shelters are the perfect way for a company to provide security for their […]

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