Aluminum Shelters

how to install aluminum shelters

How to Install Aluminum Shelters

Mardan Fabrication aluminum shelters have many different applications. Whether it is a smoking shelter, bus-shelter, waiting station or pay-station shelter, these units are very easy to install. Mardan manufactures the shelters and preassembles them for shipment. They are mounted on a wooden skid for easy removal from the truck. This […]

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Benefits of Aluminum Shelters

Mardan Fabrication manufactures aluminum shelters for different applications. Whether it’s for a pay-station cover, bus stop, or smoke shelter, MFI can create custom designs to meet customer requirements. A big advantage of using our aluminum shelters versus steel or wood is that the aluminum shelters do not rust. Whether the […]

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Aluminum Shelter Applications

Prefabricated aluminum shelters are able to be used for many different purposes. Whether it’s for transit shelters, smoking shelters, pay-station shelters etc. to name a few. These aluminum shelters because they are prefabricated aluminum are extremely light in weight and require minimal maintenance. Another positive reason to purchase a prefabricated […]

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Prefabricated Aluminum Shelters

Mardan Fabrication, Inc. manufactures aluminum shelters for a wide variety of purposes including bus stops, smoking, transit, and passenger-waiting areas, as well as pay station shelters. These aluminum shelters also offer an aesthetic appearance along with protection from tough weather conditions. Prefab aluminum shelters give you a variety of designs, […]

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