Guard Shelter
Guard Shelter v14-032

Guard Shelters come with many applications with different options available. The guard shelters can be used for parking garages, parking lots, sporting events, schools, etc. You can have one entry door or two entry doors. You can have all fixed windows or sliding windows. The aluminum guard shelters are prefinished white in color, but you can customize them to match a certain building aesthetic. This particular guard shelter is 4′ x 8′ and located at the entrance to a company parking garage. This shelter has Low E insulated glass, sliding window, sliding door, wall-mounted HVAC, and pre-wired electrical package.

A guard shelter is one of Mardan guard booth / security booth applications. Mardan Fabrication builds prefabricated portable guard booths, security booths and prefabricated shelters. Mardan guard shelters are of aluminum construction. Using aluminum construction is quite beneficial in coastal regions as the pre-finished white aluminum does not rust or deteriorate with constant exposure to the ocean air and high salty conditions. In addition, the aluminum structure retains its structure even at low temperatures, which means that it suits colder climates, as well. Moreover, due to the lighter weight of the aluminum material, Mardan guard booths are easily moved by forklift.