Many companies’ employee guard services for their parking lots or building facilities. Security has been much more of a priority over the past few years due to the unforeseen problems we’ve seen in society. Mardan Fabrication guard shelters are the perfect way for a company to provide security for their parking lot or facility while providing shelter for the guard from extreme weather conditions so he or she can perform at their job at the best of their ability. The Mardan Fabrication standard guard shelter, guard booth¬†or parking booth is manufactured out of prefinished white aluminum construction. Standard equipment included in manufacturing is one sliding door, one plastic laminate workstation, prewired electrical package including load center with no main breaker, duplex outlet and ceiling-mounted light fixture with wall switch. An extensive list of options are also available to add to the shelters such as sliding windows, additional entry doors, painting the exterior and standing seam metal roof. Many companies install camera systems or computer systems which can be added to our shelter for the guard to use while on duty. The guard shelters are built custom to order so if you need a shelter as small as 3′ x 5′ or as large as 10′ x 20′, Mardan Fabrication can manufacture it for you.

guard shelterThis particular guard shelter was purchased by Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The university wanted a shelter that would provide 24 hour guard services to allow for students to enter and exit from the brand new dorms that were just built on campus. This guard shelter is 8′ x 15′ with two entry doors, custom overhang with exterior mounted LED lights for nighttime use, ADA compliant restroom, two sliding windows, painted exterior and mini-split system for environmental control. It is an approved modular building under the State of Florida building code. We recently visited the campus and spoke with one of the active duty guards working inside the shelter and he said that he’s been blown away with how wonderful the guard shelter is and how it provides him with all the tools he needs to execute his job. He was extremely impressed with the construction of the shelter and how quiet the mini-split system is and it kept the guard shelter cold even in the 90 degree temperature outside the shelter.

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