aluminu shelterMardan Fabrication, Inc. manufactures aluminum shelters for a wide variety of purposes including bus stops, smoking, transit, and passenger-waiting areas, as well as pay station shelters. These aluminum shelters also offer an aesthetic appearance along with protection from tough weather conditions.

Prefab aluminum shelters give you a variety of designs, size and configurations to suit the needs of your particular location and personnel needs. Whether you want a completely open front wall, or wish to enclose all but a pass through “doorway”, as Mardan shelters are built to order, you can always have the exact wall layout you need.

The installation of the prefabricated aluminum shelters is relatively simple because of the low weight of aluminum construction. In addition, a portable aluminum shelter is easily to clean and maintain. Moreover, the use of prefab aluminum shelters is advantageous in coastal areas, since the prefinished aluminum material does not rust or deteriorate with constant exposure to the ocean air and high salt conditions.

Mardan Fabrication provides aluminum shelters that will last through harsh weather conditions while offering comfortable features such as heaters or lights to make users comfortable and safe. Mardan Fabrication’s custom design abilities allow you to personalize your own aluminum shelter to suit your needs. The options available for our prefabricated aluminum shelter include Sliding or Swing-type doors, tinted glass or polycarbonate glazing, fan-forced heater with push button control, 70 Watt HPS Light with photo cell control, benches with or without backrest, and dome style roofs.

All Mardan Fabrication aluminum shelters are shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate installation. For more information about our aluminum shelters, email us at, call us at 1-800-882-5820.