Smoking Shelters on Campus

Most places such as college campuses, businesses or restaurants nowadays do not allow for smoking inside a building. Therefore providing an area for smokers is extremely important as many consumers of campuses, businesses or restaurants tend to be smokers. The solution for this is the Mardan Fabrication aluminum smoke shelter. These smoke shelters are manufactured with prefinished white aluminum construction, tempered safety glass & three inch overhang. Our smoke shelters are shipped preassembled requiring minimal site work to install. All that would be required would be a forklift onsite to offload and set the shelter on your concrete pad. Many options are available such as light with photocell, heaters, different types of glass, & painting of the aluminum.

smoking shelter

Smoking Shelter

smoke shelter

Smoke Shelter

These two smoking shelters on campus are located at different universities. As you can see in the pictures, they are able to be customized to be different sizes. The prefinished white shelter is 4′ x 8′ and the shelter painted silver is 6′ x 12′. Both shelters were manufactured with tempered safety glass; however the larger of the shelters is manufactured with green tint. For more information on our smoke shelters, please visit our aluminum shelter page for more information.