Prefab Shelter Applications


Prefab Shelter

Prefab Shelter

Prefabricated shelters that Mardan Fabrication manufactures can be used for multiple applications. Our most popular prefab shelter application is for transit shelters or bus shelters. This allows for protection from the weather while people are waiting for mass-transit. In cities such as New York City or Boston, it’s very popular to make mass-transit so having our prefab shelters installed in the bus stop location is very important. Another application would be a smoking shelter. About 95% of all buildings do not allowing smoking inside of them. Most companies have devised a way for their employees or patrons to have a place to go smoke without disturbing or disrupting the normal flow of consumer traffic and keep the smoking in a single area versus different places. Finally, we manufacture shelters for pay-stations. These pay-stations are installed in parking lots where consumers are able to walk-up and pay for parking their cars. The shelter provides cover from rain, wind, or snow so consumers can comfortably pay for parking. Mardan Fabrication manufactures these shelters out of heavy-duty aluminum construction so they do not rust or deteriorate.

Another type of prefab shelter includes operator shelters, control booths, control pulpits, scale houses and more. These prefabricated shelters are used in industrial settings.

Additionally, a prefab shelter is also called “guard shelter”, “security shelter” or “parking shelter”. This type of prefab shelter is one of guard booth or security booth applications. Mardan Fabrication is a premiere guard booth / security booth manufacturer, building prefabricated guard booths and security booths, also known as prefab guard booths or prefab security booths.

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