Parking Shelters for Covering Pay Machines

Parking Shelter

Parking Shelter Style B

Parking shelters provide cover for revenue collection machines. This particular shelter is Mardan Fabrication style “B” aluminum parking shelter that was manufactured out of prefinished bronze aluminum construction. Also included in the design was a 3″ overhang with 8″ high fascia which allowed for the customer to attach signage to point out the parking shelter and the fact that they take credit cards/cash payments. Tinted glass and a fluorescent light fixture were also included so that customers using the parking lot at night will have the visibility in order to pay for the parking. These parking shelters because they are made out of aluminum are extremely light in weight which allows the customer to relocate the shelter as needed. Our shelters can be manufactured as small as 3′ x 3′ and can be as large as 8′ x 20′. Custom colors, glass types, layouts & roof designs are available upon request. Please visit our prefab shelter gallery page, aluminum shelter specification page or call us at 800-882-5820.