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Here at Aluminum Shelters dot net, Mardan Fabrication offers blog articles about aluminum shelters, particularly prefabricated aluminum shelters, also known as prefab aluminum shelters. Our goal is to help you find the best aluminum shelter or guard booth for the project at hand. Generally speaking, prefab shelters (prefabricated and/or factory assembled shelters) are small aluminum buildings that can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use; prefab aluminum shelters are portable. There are lots of kinds of aluminum shelters and many styles and materials to consider when you make a purchase decision.

Aluminum shelter applications include transit shelters, bus shelters, smoking shelters, operator shelters, pay station shelters, guard shelters, guard booths, parking booths and more. Compared to steel shelters, aluminum shelters are definately lighter weight, which is advantageous to move around. An aluminum shelter, security booth or parking booth can be easily moved by forklift.

aluminum shelters

Here are the latest blog articles about aluminum shelters:

Prefabricated Security Shelter

security shelter

security shelter

Today’s social climate has called for an increase in security. It is the responsibility of law enforcement or business owners to name a few different types of organizations, to provide security for its patrons or civilians. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a security shelter or security booth that can be customized to fit any situation. The sizes of the security shelters range from 3′ x 5′ all the way to 12′ x 20′. Each security shelter is manufactured with pre-wired electrical package, wall-mounted HVAC system (roof ac available upon request), one sliding door, plastic laminate counter & tempered safety glass.

This particular security shelter is located on a hospital campus. The hospital law enforcement wanted the architecture of the shelter to match the existing building so Mardan Fabrication included our standing seam metal roof & custom wall panels in order to match that aesthetic. The booth was manufactured with one sliding door, one sliding window in the door, wall-mounted HVAC system, & painted exterior. For more information on this security shelter or any other types of shelters please visit our main website at or email us at

Guard Shelters for College Dorms

Many companies’ employee guard services for their parking lots or building facilities. Security has been much more of a priority over the past few years due to the unforeseen problems we’ve seen in society. Mardan Fabrication guard shelters are the perfect way for a company to provide security for their parking lot or facility while providing shelter for the guard from extreme weather conditions so he or she can perform at their job at the best of their ability. The Mardan Fabrication standard guard shelter, guard booth or parking booth is manufactured out of prefinished white aluminum construction. Standard equipment included in manufacturing is one sliding door, one plastic laminate workstation, prewired electrical package including load center with no main breaker, duplex outlet and ceiling-mounted light fixture with wall switch. An extensive list of options are also available to add to the shelters such as sliding windows, additional entry doors, painting the exterior and standing seam metal roof. Many companies install camera systems or computer systems which can be added to our shelter for the guard to use while on duty. The guard shelters are built custom to order so if you need a shelter as small as 3′ x 5′ or as large as 10′ x 20′, Mardan Fabrication can manufacture it for you.

guard shelterThis particular guard shelter was purchased by Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The university wanted a shelter that would provide 24 hour guard services to allow for students to enter and exit from the brand new dorms that were just built on campus. This guard shelter is 8′ x 15′ with two entry doors, custom overhang with exterior mounted LED lights for nighttime use, ADA compliant restroom, two sliding windows, painted exterior and mini-split system for environmental control. It is an approved modular building under the State of Florida building code. We recently visited the campus and spoke with one of the active duty guards working inside the shelter and he said that he’s been blown away with how wonderful the guard shelter is and how it provides him with all the tools he needs to execute his job. He was extremely impressed with the construction of the shelter and how quiet the mini-split system is and it kept the guard shelter cold even in the 90 degree temperature outside the shelter.

If you would like to find out more information about our guard shelters, please go to, visit our main website at or call us at 800-882-5820.

Parking Shelters for Covering Pay Machines

Parking Shelter

Parking Shelter Style B

Parking shelters provide cover for revenue collection machines. This particular shelter is Mardan Fabrication style “B” aluminum parking shelter that was manufactured out of prefinished bronze aluminum construction. Also included in the design was a 3″ overhang with 8″ high fascia which allowed for the customer to attach signage to point out the parking shelter and the fact that they take credit cards/cash payments. Tinted glass and a fluorescent light fixture were also included so that customers using the parking lot at night will have the visibility in order to pay for the parking. These parking shelters because they are made out of aluminum are extremely light in weight which allows the customer to relocate the shelter as needed. Our shelters can be manufactured as small as 3′ x 3′ and can be as large as 8′ x 20′. Custom colors, glass types, layouts & roof designs are available upon request. Please visit our prefab shelter gallery page, aluminum shelter specification page or call us at 800-882-5820.

Benefits of Aluminum Shelters

aluminum bus shelters

aluminum bus shelters

Mardan Fabrication manufactures aluminum shelters for different applications. Whether it’s for a pay-station cover, bus stop, or smoke shelter, MFI can create custom designs to meet customer requirements. A big advantage of using our aluminum shelters versus steel or wood is that the aluminum shelters do not rust. Whether the booth is installed on a beach for consumers to pay for parking or a bus stop in a highly cold climate, it’ll provide you with the aesthetics, quality and durability you are looking for. Another positive for using aluminum shelters is that they are extremely light in weight. This will allow for the shelters to be relocated if it’s required based on the application. For more information, please visit our aluminum shelter page.

Aluminum Shelter

aluminum shelter

Transit Shelters

transit shelter

Transit Shelter

Transit shelters are extremely important for pedestrians who use public transportation. The weather is so sporadic that it’s important for municipalities, universities, & businesses to provide cover. The best option for this is the Mardan Fabrication Transit Shelter. These shelters are manufactured in three different designs and come with many options. The shelters are manufactured prefinished white aluminum construction but can be painted to match any aesthetic. Other options such as tinted glass, overhangs, benches, heaters, lights, & hip roofs are available upon request. Mardan Fabrication transit shelters can be customized to meet each customer’s requirements for their specific jobsite. PE stamped drawings is available upon request if required by the local building official. Please visit our website at to view our three different styles of shelters and multiple options available.

Transit Shelters

Transit Shelters

Smoking Shelters on Campus

Most places such as college campuses, businesses or restaurants nowadays do not allow for smoking inside a building. Therefore providing an area for smokers is extremely important as many consumers of campuses, businesses or restaurants tend to be smokers. The solution for this is the Mardan Fabrication aluminum smoke shelter. These smoke shelters are manufactured with prefinished white aluminum construction, tempered safety glass & three inch overhang. Our smoke shelters are shipped preassembled requiring minimal site work to install. All that would be required would be a forklift onsite to offload and set the shelter on your concrete pad. Many options are available such as light with photocell, heaters, different types of glass, & painting of the aluminum.

smoking shelter

Smoking Shelter

smoke shelter

Smoke Shelter

These two smoking shelters on campus are located at different universities. As you can see in the pictures, they are able to be customized to be different sizes. The prefinished white shelter is 4′ x 8′ and the shelter painted silver is 6′ x 12′. Both shelters were manufactured with tempered safety glass; however the larger of the shelters is manufactured with green tint. For more information on our smoke shelters, please visit our aluminum shelter page for more information.

Operator Shelters

operator shelter

Operator Shelter

Mardan Fabrication factory assembled operator shelters are able to protect electrical equipment and operators in all types of locations and environments. Due to it’s construction, the aluminum booth will not rust or deteriorate. So whether it’s snow, sleet, wind or rain, the Mardan Fabrication operator shelter is the best choice. Typical applications for the operator shelters include refineries, gas plants, chemical plants, and electrical plants to name a few. We are able to use different types of glass to accommodate whatever requirements are necessary.

operator shelter

Operator Shelter

The booths in the photos were located at a natural gas plant and served as an operator booth. The size of the booth was 8′ x 10’6″. These booths have electrical equipment installed on the interior and exterior. The booths were manufactured with insulated glass and wall mounted HVAC systems. An extensive list of options is available for these booths including for hazardous locations. Please visit Mardan Fabrication’s operator shelter page for more information.

Aluminum Shelter Applications

Prefabricated aluminum shelters are able to be used for many different purposes. Whether it’s for transit shelters, smoking shelters, pay-station shelters etc. to name a few. These aluminum shelters because they are prefabricated aluminum are extremely light in weight and require minimal maintenance. Another positive reason to purchase a prefabricated aluminum shelter is because they are non-corrosive. So if you have a location near the ocean for pay-station shelters or bus shelters, these won’t rust or deteriorate. The prefabricated aluminum shelter can be designed to engineering to meet local building code requirements.

aluminum pay station shelter

Aluminum Pay Station Shelter

Parking lots all across the country are moving towards a self-paying pay-station. Providing shelter for these pay-stations is important because when the consumer is paying for parking, they want to be comfortable. This particular pay-station shelter is located about 50 feet from the ocean. The prefabricated aluminum shelter is 4′ x 6′ and is manufactured prefinished white. This pay-station shelter also included a ceiling-mounted fluorescent light fixture which includes a photo-cell. The prefabricated aluminum shelter was perfect for this location because it’s so close to the ocean and the aluminum doesn’t rust or deteriorate.

aluminum transit shelter

Aluminum Transit Shelter

College campuses have many students that get around with public transportation. Prefabricated aluminum transit shelters in this case are perfect because they provide shelter to different weather conditions and provide the necessary environments to wait for the transportation. This particular shelter is located at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. It is a 6′ x 12′ shelter painted silver and is manufactured with green tinted glass as requested by the university. Because of the extensive list of options, these shelters all can be customized to meet any requirements by the customer.

Prefabricated Aluminum Shelters

aluminu shelterMardan Fabrication, Inc. manufactures aluminum shelters for a wide variety of purposes including bus stops, smoking, transit, and passenger-waiting areas, as well as pay station shelters. These aluminum shelters also offer an aesthetic appearance along with protection from tough weather conditions.

Prefab aluminum shelters give you a variety of designs, size and configurations to suit the needs of your particular location and personnel needs. Whether you want a completely open front wall, or wish to enclose all but a pass through “doorway”, as Mardan shelters are built to order, you can always have the exact wall layout you need.

The installation of the prefabricated aluminum shelters is relatively simple because of the low weight of aluminum construction. In addition, a portable aluminum shelter is easily to clean and maintain. Moreover, the use of prefab aluminum shelters is advantageous in coastal areas, since the prefinished aluminum material does not rust or deteriorate with constant exposure to the ocean air and high salt conditions.

Mardan Fabrication provides aluminum shelters that will last through harsh weather conditions while offering comfortable features such as heaters or lights to make users comfortable and safe. Mardan Fabrication’s custom design abilities allow you to personalize your own aluminum shelter to suit your needs. The options available for our prefabricated aluminum shelter include Sliding or Swing-type doors, tinted glass or polycarbonate glazing, fan-forced heater with push button control, 70 Watt HPS Light with photo cell control, benches with or without backrest, and dome style roofs.

All Mardan Fabrication aluminum shelters are shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate installation. For more information about our aluminum shelters, email us at, call us at 1-800-882-5820.