Why does your business need a smoking shelter?

Smoking Shelter

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Businesses are looking for any way to accommodate clientele. They want to make sure that they do everything they can in order to satisfy a customer and give them all reasons to use them as a customer. That being the case, Mardan Fabrication manufactures a prefabricated aluminum smoke shelter. These smoke shelters can be 3′ x 5′ up to 8′ x 16′. They are manufactured with tempered safety glass, insulated roof, and anchor clips. We provide vents lower and upper in order for the smoke to leave the shelter space. We also are able to provide ventilation fans or even A/C unit in order to provide ventilation for it.  This particular smoke shelter was manufactured with our standing seam metal roof, painted exterior, and tinted glass.

The smoking shelter, also known as smoke shelter is one of Mardan aluminum shelter and guard booth applications. Mardan designs and builds aluminum shelters, smoking shelters, transit shelters, guard booths, security booths, parking booths, ticket booths, toll booths, information booths and more. They are prefabricated and factory-assembled with aluminum construction. For more information about Mardan smoke shelters, please visit https://www.aluminum-shelters.net/contact-us/ or call 1-800-882-5820.

Smoking Shelter Design

Smoking Shelter

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Smoke Shelters can be manufactured basic or custom designed based on your building they are being installed around. They can be manufactured prefinished white or be painted. The smoke shelter can have a standard flat roof or hip roof. We can use tempered safety glass or impact resistant glass. Ultimately the customer has the ability to choose exactly what they want. This particular smoking shelter is a 6′ x 12′ shelter that is manufactured with green tinted glass. They decided to add the FAU logo once the smoking shelter arrived onsite.

A smoking shelter can be used a transit shelter for a bus stop. This particular smoking shelter has been used as a smoking shelter for a bus strop around the campus. Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida has multiple bus stop locations for the students to wait for transportation around campus. The university purchased multiple smoking shelters and transit shelters.

A smoking shelter or transit shelter is one of Mardan Fabrication aluminum shelter applications. Mardan Fabrication design and build aluminum shelters, guard booths, security booths, parking booths, ticket booths and more.

Smoking Shelter Options

Smoke Shelter Style C

Smoke Shelter Style C

Smoke Shelters are manufactured for the convenience of the employee or consumer to have a place to go and smoke while being covered from the elements. Our standard smoke shelter includes heavy-duty aluminum construction which is pre-finished white color, tempered safety glass and roof. The smoke shelter can be painted in choice of one color, multiple different types of glass options such as impact glass, lighting for night time use, and heating if used in a cold weather climate. Our shelters are able to be as small as 3′ x 3′ for one person and as large as 8′ x 16′ for multiple people.

A Mardan smoke shelter is one of our guard booth and aluminum shelter applications.

Benefits of Smoking Shelters

smoking shelter

Smoking Shelter

Smoking shelters are designed to provide an area outside of a building that people who smoke can go while working or at school etc. They are designated areas because a lot of businesses or facilities do not want to have people smoking in any random areas since a lot of patrons do not smoke. Mardan Fabrication manufactures prefabricated aluminum smoke shelters that can be installed in multiple environments with many options to choose from. Whether you want a basic aluminum smoke shelter or one with a hip roof or heating and lighting, we can provide that.

This particular smoke shelter is located outside of the business school at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. This smoke shelter is also used as a transit shelter for the campus. This allows students or faculty an area to smoke while either attending or teaching classes. This particular smoking shelter was is 6′ x 12′ and is painted silver and was provided with green tinted hurricane glass. For more information, please visit our website at www.mardanfab.com

Smoking Shelters on Campus

Most places such as college campuses, businesses or restaurants nowadays do not allow for smoking inside a building. Therefore providing an area for smokers is extremely important as many consumers of campuses, businesses or restaurants tend to be smokers. The solution for this is the Mardan Fabrication aluminum smoke shelter. These smoke shelters are manufactured with prefinished white aluminum construction, tempered safety glass & three inch overhang. Our smoke shelters are shipped preassembled requiring minimal site work to install. All that would be required would be a forklift onsite to offload and set the shelter on your concrete pad. Many options are available such as light with photocell, heaters, different types of glass, & painting of the aluminum.

smoking shelter

Smoking Shelter

smoke shelter

Smoke Shelter

These two smoking shelters on campus are located at different universities. As you can see in the pictures, they are able to be customized to be different sizes. The prefinished white shelter is 4′ x 8′ and the shelter painted silver is 6′ x 12′. Both shelters were manufactured with tempered safety glass; however the larger of the shelters is manufactured with green tint. For more information on our smoke shelters, please visit our aluminum shelter page for more information.