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Aluminum Shelter

Aluminum Shelter Style A

When a customer goes to purchase an aluminum shelter, they must take a lot of things into consideration. The main reason they need the aluminum shelter, the size, the type of glass, type of roof and whether or not the shelter is painted. Mardan Fabrication has an extensive list of options available. Whether it’s being manufactured for a transit shelter, smoke shelter, waiting area to name a few, we can accommodate the need. The shelters are manufactured with prefinished white aluminum construction. If the shelter needs to be painted, we have a very large choice of colors from our color chart to choose from. We also have our standard 3″ overhang and 8″ high fascia roof profile but can do a standing seam hip roof if you prefer a more customized look. Lastly, the shelters are manufactured with clear tempered safety glass. You can choose insulated glass, impact resistant glass, or polycarbonate if you want something different. A tinted glass option is available as well. For more information, please visit our website at